This and That

Week of October 3, 2022

Each week I’ll write about the world of sport:
*I am so appreciative of the many words of encouragement in my journey to beat cancer. With all the love and support, I am now cancer free and was so excited about the Dickie V gala as It raised over $11 million this year to benefit the V Foundation. Next year, we will honor John and Patrick McEnroe, David Robinson, Buster Posey and John Saunders Award for courage, Dereck Whittenburg.
*Yes very lucky as we returned home and found minor damage from Hurricane Ian. We had roof tiles ripped out by the strong winds. Nothing compared to what many others have to deal with.
*Give a cheer, the IARP committee hired by ⁦the NCAA to act on schools charged with recruiting violations FINALLY made a decision. Memphis was cleared. ⁦
*Great news hearing TERRY BRADSHAW, Steelers Hall of Famer ⁦and Fox analyst is now cancer free. God Bless him as I, like many cancer patients, know those words by your doctor that you are “CANCER FREE” are magical.
*OMG heartbreaking MIKE BREEN super ⁦ESPN NBA announcer’s home completely burned down. God Bless that him and his wife and family who were not home.

Quote of the Week

"In the day of happiness for the Eagles fans as they go 4-0 after beating an improved Jaguars team 29-21. They are the lone unbeaten in the NFL."
-Dick Vitale