This and That

Week of May 17th, 2021

Each week I’ll write about the world of sports:
  • Where is the leadership in the NCAA when it comes to dealing with schools charged with cheating? Do you hear me Mr. Emmert? It is heading on nearly five years since investigations started in various cases and there has been no decisions on multiple cases. The SYSTEM MUST CHANGE!
  • The rules the NCAA have instituted have caused INSANITY to a game many of us LOVE. How in the world can anyone feel that almost 1600 players in the transfer portal is great for the game? Only about 350 teams in D-1. That comes to almost five per team. It is SICKENING! Creating CHEATING galore.
  • Kentucky coach John Calipari is on a mission after last year. He struck gold with PG Ty Ty Washington! The Cats are going to be back chasing honors.
  • I’m hearing that there is a spirited atmosphere being created in Bloomington since ex-Hoosier superstar Mike Woodson was named ⁦Indiana coach. I’m sure Mike would be the first to say that it is cool, but remember that I haven’t lost any games yet.
  • The NBA playoffs will be exciting. The Lakers and Warriors meet in the play-in and both are hot. Steph Curry and LeBron will battle it out.

Quote of the Week

“The Gonzaga-UCLA game was as good S it gets "

-Dick Vitale