This and That


Week of July 22nd, 2019


Each week I’ll write about the world of sports:

Manny Pacquiao put the first loss on Keith Thurman?s resume. Pretty impressive performance at age 40.

*I hear from reliable sources the NCAA will come down heavy on schools that were involved in the hoops scandal trials that were completed this year. I?ll believe it when it is officially posted. The haters must be stopped. People in the game know who are dealing.

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*I?m hoping that Chuck Person takes advantage of the big break the judge gave him. I love stories of people who battle back. 

*Shane Lowery ran away with the British Open title. Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Jason Day and Rory McIlroy were among the golfers that missed the cut at the British Open. Pretty big names.

*The Bucs are very fortunate to have a leader like Brian Ford. There definitely is excitement over the arrival of Bruce Arians, a two-time Coach of the Year.

*Tired of the whining that James Harden and Russell Westbrook will not make it as a duo. Heard the same cries years ago when the Knicks got Earl Monroe to hook up with Walt Frazier. They shut critics up by putting banners up at MSG. The Rockets need to get them some inside help.

Quote of the Week

“Mariano Rivera was class personified, the GOAT of relievers. Happy to see him inducted in the Hall.”

-Dick Vitale