Community Activities

altOn Tuesday, September 18th I had a terrific opportunity to speak at the Horizons Academy (Grades 4-12) in Manatee County Florida.  Horizons Academy is an alternative school for some of our area’s youngsters who have had a troubled past.

Horizons Academy offers these kids an opportunity to improve upon their situation and their lives and begin a fresh start for their future.  I spoke to the group as requested by Deputy Harris in the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office. I took my time with the group to talk about the importance of making good decisions in life in order to lead a successful, productive and happy life.

All the youngsters got a thrill when I threw out some autogrpahed balls and bobbelehead dolls after I was done speaking. Meeting all the wonderful people at Horizons was a lot of fun and I hope I was able to bring a smile and some positive thoughts to these young kids.


Quote of the Week

 Keep battling and fighting to achieve your goals! - Dick Vitale