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Week of May 2nd, 2016

Each week I will write about the world of sports:

*The NFL draft had its share of interesting moments. The top two picks were QBs as we expected. Joey Bosa went third to San Diego, and there were several surprises. Laremy Tunsil was a surprise down at %13. 

*Injuries are causing havoc in the NBA West.  Stephen Curry and Chris Paul are major losses. Blake Griffin too, as the Clippers lost to the Blazers. Looks like we could be heading for Cavaliers vs. Spurs?

*The NFL soap opera is back! Deflategate returned to the news as Tom Brady's four-game suspension was reinstated. This story is far from over.

*What has happened to the Atlanta Braves? That lineup has a minor league feel to it.

*Will Johnny Manziel ever make the right moves to get his LIFE in order ? 

*Both the Knicks & Lakers made a mistake. They should not have passed on Tom Thibodeau as the guy can coach.