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"Will we see David Price pitch for the Rays again, or will he be dealt before the trade deadline?"   -Dick Vitale


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Week of July 27, 2014

Each week I will write about the world of sports:

*Everyone involved in the NCAA makes cash off college athletes, including people like me. Athletes should have that right!

*Johnny Manziel will emerge as a star during his rookie year. He will be too good to keep on the pine.

*This Kevin Love story will be the one to watch as it will really impact the NBA! Will the Cavs strike gold again? Cleveland cannot include Andrew Wiggins in any deal for a while. 

*Best pitcher in baseball that nobody really talks about (except for White Sox fans) is Chris Sale. He has been outstanding.

*Byron Scott is the new coach of the Lakers. I have to ask, are the Lakers moving in a positive way?