This and That


Week of November 12th, 2018

Each week I'll write about the world of sports:

*The Saints have won eight in a row. Drew Brees toyed with the Bengal defense.

*The ball has been placed in the hands of NCAA’s Mark Emmert's enforcement staff. Everyone in hoops I talk to are wondering if they will be aggressive or just go through the motions?

*Hey, my guy Stephen A. Smith is right on saying Zion Williamson would start on the Fab 5. Jalen Rose, the multi-talented guy can’t be serious saying Zion would not start. I admire Jalen’s loyalty but Stephen A. wins this battle!

*We often hear about the need of experience in sports talk. Ask Coach K if Duke needed experience? Give me talent and guys like RJ Barrett, Zion Williamson and Cam Reddish. I am still in shock of how the Dukies won so easily over Kentucky. Face it, the Cats are not Cupcake City!

*Marcus Mariotta led the Titans to a solid win over the Patriots. Bill Belichick could not be happy.

*Notre Dame had an impressive win over Florida State. QB Ian Book was sidelined with a rib injury.

*The New York Jets are going in the wrong direction. Buffalo looked like a different team with Matt Barkley.

Quote of the Week

“A salute to Mike Vrabel of the Titans as his team dominated the Patriots. Vrabel, a pupil of Bill Belichick, put the hurt on his mentor.”

 -Dick Vitale